High Temp Snap-in Keylock
A large US customer challenged NKK engineers  to design a snap-in keylock switch for their next generation control system. Extended temperature range was another important criteria.
NKK engineers responded to the challenge and arrived at the design shown (on left) within budget. To enhance supply change effectiveness, the customer also asked NKK to supply the keylock switch with the wiring.

Single SmartSwitch system with custom programmed controller for your specific application! Just snap into panel and connect wiring.

Custom compact 64x32 pixel SmartSwitch with standard size cap and tactile feel.

Rapid prototyping to develop custom components, in this case special pushbutton caps.

Custom threaded toggles to accommodate screw-on caps. Guitar pickup selection is one of the applications.

Custom color overmold on key for keylock switch.

Custom molded rocker cap with printed markings.

Custom stainless steel spring in actuation mechanism to render the entire switch non-magnetic for a navy application.

Custom black finish on toggle, bushing, and hardware.

Additional dummy terminal for increased stabilization on PCB.

Custom contactless pushbutton with photo interrupter for gaming applications.

Custom caps to extend actuators on front panel for slide switches.

Custom color housings and actuators on rocker switches.

Slide switch with custom black housing (standard red).

Toggle switch with higher actuation force.

Longer actuator.

PC terminals instead of standard solder lug.

Tactile switch with blue LED.

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