SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Jan. 20, 2009) – NKK Switches, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switching devices, today announced it was honored with the 2008 Electronic Products' Product of the Year award for its OLED SmartSwitch. The winning products were selected from thousands of products launched in 2008, based on design, significant advancement in a technology or application and substantial achievement in price and performance.

“We’re thrilled that Electronic Products has named the OLED SmartSwitch as a Product of the Year,” said Kiyoko Toyama, president of NKK Switches. “This technology represents a major advancement in switch design, and NKK is proud to be leading the way, giving our customers the latest highest quality, energy-conscious, programmable technology available.”

The OLED SmartSwitch is a programmable pushbutton switch that features an OLED display with 65K colors. It offers many advantages over conventional LCD programmable switches; including higher contrast and more brilliant pictures, 180 degree viewing angle from all directions, RGB full color, low power consumption, faster response times and no backlighting requirements. The OLED SmartSwitch is also capable of displaying full-motion video.

“While adoption of OLED technology has been slow, its benefits over competing solutions, such as LCDs, are well accepted: lower power consumption, faster response times, support of full-motion video, higher contrast, better viewing angles, and more brilliant images,” said Ralph Riola, editor of Electronic Products. “The OLED SmartSwitch is poised to help in the advancement of this technology, representing one of the industry’s first pushbutton switches integrating OLED display capabilities.”

In addition to the technological advances of the OLED SmartSwitch, Engineers can quickly access and apply a range of demo kits, development kits, online tools and application engineering support, making the evaluation and development time more efficient. Other supporting tools include graphic generation commands, communication interfaces and an on-board controller and drivers.

The 2008 Product of the Year Awards were announced in the January 2009 issue of Electronic Products with a cover feature and a brief description of each product. Additionally, the winning products appear on Electronic Products’ website (http://www2.electronicproducts.com/productyear.aspx). 2008 marks the 33rd annual Electronic Products’ “Product of the Year” Awards, which began recognizing the best products in the industry in 1977.


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