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About SmartSwitch

By combining the functionality of an electromechanical pushbutton or rocker switch with a graphic programmable OLED or LCD display, the SmartSwitch is a space-saving, dynamic, multi-function device. A wide array of SmartSwitch products are available from full-screen OLED to compact LCD.

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SmartSwitch Applications

Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

NKK SmartSwitch products deliver an innovative and multi-functional solution to the Live Entertainment Industry. A proven and trusted technology, SmartSwitch products are used in switchers, routers, mixing controls, video/image processors and stage equipment controls.



The Transportation Industry utilizes NKK SmartSwitch products in a variety of applications including ship and submarine tactical communication command centers, captain’s chair control panels, and in-vehicle accessory control/equipment monitors.

Industrial Controls

Industrial Controls

NKK SmartSwitch products are designed into a variety of Industrial Control applications including measuring and testing equipment, information displays, security control centers, and power supply equipment.



Critical Defense applications where NKK SmartSwitch products and technology solutions are found include drone control, advanced simulators, communication systems, and command/control systems.



NKK SmartSwitch products provide a high-quality, reliable human-machine interface solution for the Medical Industry. Typical applications include laboratory equipment, diagnostic equipment and patient treatment machines.

Webinars & Whitepapers

A collection of webinars and whitepapers about NKK SmartSwitch products are available for download.


Product Overview Webinar (30 minutes)
  • OLED vs LCD Displays
  • What is a SmartSwitch
  • Applications
  • Development Tools
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OLED Technical Webinar (40 minutes)
  • How to import photos and videos to the OLED SmartSwitch
  • How to control OLED switches and displays
  • Hardware connections
  • Software considerations
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Intelligent Switches Pave Path To Optimum Human-Machine Interface

With programmable displays, switches have evolved into a flexible, reliable, customizable interface that designers can acquire off the shelf.

The Space-Time (and cost) Continuum of Programmable Switches

Programmable switches reduce the number of switches needed by allowing multiple functions to save space and time by reducing operator errors and training time needed for products.

OLED Switches Dominate in Electronic Device Design

Learn about the almighty OLED switch boasting 65,535 colors per pixel and why it is predominantly used in design projects involving SmartSwitch.

How to Design with a Programmable Switch

Learn how a host system communicates to a serial interface and to a SmartSwitch subsystem. Learn which subsystem fits best into your SmartSwitch design by choosing between a prebuilt subsystem module, an engineering design kit, or writing microcontroller code to manually send images and read switch presses yourself.


NKK provides free software downloads for programming and controlling SmartSwitch products. Downloads for source code, communicator packages, image software and demonstration kit software are available. Please contact NKK at 1-877-2-BUY-NKK or [email protected] if further support is needed.

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SmartSwitch Videos

A collection of SmartSwitch videos are provided for viewing product overviews, key features and benefits, applications and product demonstration displays.

All About the SmartSwitch

SmartSwitch Applications - Home Automation SmartSwitch

Multiple Functions of SmartSwitch

Programming SmartSwitch

SmartSwitch Piano Tutorial

SmartSwitch and KP Series Display

Types of SmartSwitch

SmartSwitch Applications

SmartSwitch Keypad

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