New Easy-Install Value Added E-Stop Switches with Wire Leads

New Easy-Install Value Added E-Stop Switches with Wire Leads

NKK Switches is excited to announce the release of our new value added FF01 Series Emergency Stop Switches, available with convenient wire leads for streamlined installation. These E-Stop switches offer reliable performance in various applications.

The FF01 Series E-Stop switches feature a compact body with a diameter of just 16.0mm and a low profile behind-panel depth of only 13.6mm, ideal for high density panel layouts. These switches are IP65 rated at front panel, ensuring they are dust-tight and protected against water jets. The unique sliding latch mechanism maintains the OFF state of the contacts, providing outstanding safety and reliability even in rugged environments with significant vibration and chattering.

Ready for Immediate Installation

NKK’s FF01 Series E-Stop switches with wire leads are ready for quick and easy installation, providing enhanced safety and reliability for your critical applications. Whether you need single pole or double pole configurations, these switches offer unmatched performance and durability.

Key Features

  • Compact Body: 16.0mm diameter for high density panel layouts.
  • Low Profile: Impressively short behind-panel depth of 13.6mm.
  • Cap Options: Available with 25mm and 30mm caps featuring directional arrow legends.
  • Reset Methods: Twist and/or pull release options for enhanced safety.
  • Wire Leads: Equipped with 12″ 22 AWG Standard Wire Leads for easy installation.
  • UL Rated Wires: Ensuring safety and compliance.
  • Versatility: Available in single-pole and double-pole configurations.
  • IP65 Rated: Dust-tight and protected against water jets, meeting IEC 60529 standards.

Comprehensive Specifications

  • Electrical Capacity: 0.5A @ 24V DC resistive load.
  • Contact Resistance: 50 milliohms maximum.
  • Insulation Resistance: 100 megohms minimum @ 500V DC.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Life: 100,000 operations minimum.
  • Operating Force: Push to lock 10.8N; Pull to reset 8.5N; Turn to reset 0.13N•m.
  • Materials: Actuator made of glass fiber reinforced polyester (PBT), housing of glass fiber reinforced polyamide, with gold-plated silver alloy copper contacts.
  • Environmental: Operating temperature range of –25°C to +60°C, storage temperature range of –45°C to +80°C, and resistant to vibrations and shocks.

Optional Accessories

  • Nameplates: Available with or without an “EMERGENCY STOP” legend. Interchangeable with both cap sizes.
  • Protective Guard: For enhanced protection. Interchangeable with both cap sizes.
  • Socket Wrench: For easy installation.

These easy to install E-Stop Switches with wire leads are available in 3 different types with different standard part numbers.

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