Human-Machine Interface Products and Custom Engineered Solutions

IP-Rated Switches

Coarse environments and their elements can present a challenge to electromechanical switches, and NKK’s switches are the best defense.

Designed specifically for the hazards of heat, cold, humidity and exposure to elements, NKK has an extensive selection of environmentally sealed switches.

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Design Solutions

Human-Machine Interface Products and Custom Engineered Solutions

NKK provides complete design solutions from value added services and assembly to system design and application support.

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Environmental Compliance

NKK acknowledges our common mission as human beings to care for the environment in a manner that is healthy and safe for generations to come.

In addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations, NKK practices environmental conservation throughout our manufacturing process to further reduce the use of substances of concern.
Please click below for a complete list of NKK environmental documents and certificates.

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