Systems can communicate with the host.


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Universal Switch Interface Module

Easy-to-install, configurable HMI module that allows drop-in HMI functionality with just a few wires. Simply connect your signal wires and your HMI is ready for use. Pushbuttons, Toggles, Rockers – all switch types are available! NKK can design a custom module to fit your unique application needs.

  • Medical applications
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Commercial building access control
  • Factory automation control
  • Automotive / special vehicles
  • Industrial application monitoring

Host-Required System

Systems can operate in either of the modes listed below, or a combination of the two modes:

Mode 1: Pre-programmed with functions for basic operations. Reports functions back to host.
Mode 2: System idle until switch press. Reports switch press/release to host, host changes function of switches.

IS-71004 Color Drawing

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SmartDisplay Command Panel

Powerful human-machine interface tool that uses the NKK SmartDisplay programmable switch to allow designers to dynamically change switch legends and images based on desired application functions.

• Real time control by host
• USB or Ethernet controlled
• Ideal for use in applications with multiple, complex functions which would ordinarily require many dedicated switches and complex training
• Easily adaptable to many applications including broadcasting panels & industrial control

• Broadcast control panels
• Industrial rack-mount control
• Multi-language dynamic keyboards

Christie® X80 Image Processor
“Smart keyboard functionality, programmable to recall test patterns and diagnostics and more.”  –Christie Digital Systems
C1603 System

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Modular Human-Machine Interface (HMI) System

The purpose of the Modular HMI System is to allow flexibility of placement of switches on control panels. The system is made up of a controller and several NKK SmartDisplay populated PCBs connected by ribbon cables.

• Single unit can provide user with access to intercom, telephone, radio and alarm systems
• Control board can communicate to a host such as a computer or other controller through the RS232 or RS422/485A
• Images and attributes can be stored on board
• Modular design allows for designers to mount the switches on panels that are not all on the same plane

• Ships, submarines and command vessels
• Retail store pricing displays

L3 Harris Legacy KITE
Integrated Communication Terminal
“KITE replaces multiple different user voice terminals to access intercom, telephones, radio nets, interior nets, and announcing & alarm systems” –L3 Technologies
CAN Keypad

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CAN Keypad

The system is a CAN-controlled 6 programmable display-on-pushbutton system in a compact form factor.

• Customizable CAN Keypad handles diagnostics, system control and user interface
• Utilizes 6 36×24 LCD SmartDisplay with momentary pushbutton functionality
• Able to respond to input and control output
• On board memory of 60,000 images, 8 levels of brightness
• Communication via RV-C protocol over the CAN bus

CAN Keypad is used in:

• Automotive and recreational vehicle diagnostics, system control, & user interface
• Work truck/utility vehicle communication control

Futronics eTS Touchscreen with CAN Keypad In-Vehicle Display
“Each button is infinitely programmable & able to display dynamically changing text & images appropriate to the application… operators can quickly identify the status of active systems, further improving the safety and convenience of operation.” –Futronics

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Human-Machine Interface (HMI) SmartDisplay Raspberry Pi Kit

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) SmartDisplay Raspberry Pi Kit is a powerful human-to-machine interface tool that uses a Frameless OLED SmartDisplay to dynamically change switch legends and images based on desired application functions. The kit is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and can be used in any end application.

• Kit adds HMI to Raspberry Pi
• Easy integration with Raspberry Pi – just attaches to the top!
• Creates a dynamic user interface for professionals and hobbyists alike
• Source code provided for quick integration into projects
• Capable of streaming video or animations for a dynamic user experience

• Maker projects incorporating webcam
• Video surveillance/monitoring applications

Video stream to HMI SmartDisplay+Rasberry Pi Kit
POE Angled Photo

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Power over Ethernet with OLED SmartDisplay

An ethernet-controlled display-on-pushbutton system in a compact form factor. Powered over ethernet, it can report switch presses from remote locations to a host.

• System monitoring and control over ethernet connection
• Fits in a standard 1-gang electrical socket
• Real time control by host
• Utilizes SmartDisplay OLED rocker and UB Series pushbutton
• 15 levels of brightness

• Control and monitoring for commercial lighting applications & live entertainment

OLED Rocker used to control volume settings
IS-71501 Photo

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Programmable SmartDisplay Keypad for Computer

The SmartDisplay Keypad is a 24 programable display-on-pushbutton system. The SmartDisplay Keypad connects to a PC via USB and is identified as an USB keyboard. Any keyboard functionality can be emulated using the keypad.

• Easily automate routine functions on a PC
• Compatible with any software and operating system
• Set keyboard macros for complex or extremely fast commands
• Macros saved to device let the user move between workstations easily

The SmartDisplay Keypad is ideal for use in applications with multiple, complex functions which would ordinarily require many dedicated switches and complex training. The dynamic nature of the system allows for instantaneous transitions from generalized lists of categories down to function specific actions.

• External keypad for personal computer
• Video game control

SmartDisplay correlating with spreadsheet software

Self-Contained Systems

Systems have analog and digital input/output capability for sensing and turning devices on and off. Functions can be changed via switch press, sense state, and host command.


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Relay Control Systems

• Easily control relays from a remote host
• SmartDisplays allow local control and statusing of relays
• Various communication protocols allow integration into any industry
• Analog/digital sense and output

• Test and measurement equipment
• Commercial building access control
• Factory automation control

*Coming Soon*

NKK System Control Design

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Single Switch Solution

The Single Switch Solution is a compact device that can both monitor and control an industrial process independently or in conjunction with other controllers.

• Small form factor control and monitoring
• Analog/digital sense and output
• Built-in status display
• Pre-programmed Demonstration Kit IS-S0109DEM available for sale

• Automotive vehicle battery monitoring
• Industrial application monitoring

Genesis Offroad
G Screen Battery Monitoring System

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Fan/Light Control Solution

The SmartDisplay Fan/Light Control Solution is an Human-Machine Interface designed to control four 12V lights or fans. The device has four LCD 64×32 SmartDisplay switches preprogrammed.

• USB communication for downloading images and set up
• Designed for standalone operation
• Subsystems with any number and configuration of SmartDisplay switches

• Controlling overhead fans/lighting typically in RV, home, business, or industrial applications