AS-Series Subminiature Slide Switches
AS-Series Subminiature Slide Switches
  • Subminiature size saves space on PC boards. Specifically developed for logic-level applications. Toggle, rocker, and pushbutton switches feature fully sealed construction that prevents contact contamination and allows for automated soldering and washing.
  • Award-winning STC contact mechanism offers benefits unavailable in conventional mechanisms: smoother, positive detent actuation; increased contact stability; and unparalleled logic-level reliability.
  • Molded-in, epoxy-sealed or ultrasonically welded terminals lock out flux, solvents and other contaminants. .100" x .100" terminal spacing conforms to standard PC board grid spacing. Matching indicators available and shown in the Indicator section.

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CS-Series Miniature Slide Switches
CS-Series Miniature Slide Switches
  • High performance and high quality at a low price. Highly insulated molded cover and case withstands 12 kilovolts of electrostatic discharge (ESD), providing antistatic feature.
  • Cover and case are UL 94-V0 flammability rated. Epoxy-sealed terminals lock out flux, dust, and other contaminants.
  • Suited for a wide variety of applications including telecommunications, electronic controls, audio devices, and household appliances.

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FS-Series Miniature Slide Switches
FS-Series Miniature Slide Switches
  • For high-frequency (DC through 1GHz): Isolation 40dB minimum at 1GHz Insertion loss 0.5dB maximum at 1GHz Impedance: 75 ohms Innovative alternative to relay products.
  • Highly reliable self-cleaning, twin-contact mechanism with gold plating. Long total travel of 3.5mm (.138") for highly visible actuator position. Distinct audible and tactile feedback during actuation.
  • Suited to high-frequency applications (90MHz to 1GHz) such as CATV and communication equipment.

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MS-Series Miniature Slide Switches
MS-Series Miniature Slide Switch
  • Over-center actuator block and plunger design gives crisp actuation, diminishes sparking, and increases operating life. Bright, LED illumination at actuator top (for illuminated models).
  • Anti-jamming design protects contacts from damage caused by excessive downward force on the actuator. High internal barriers between poles, and insulating sheet between case and actuator block provide added protection to contacts.
  • Specially composed silver alloy contacts for power applications, or gold contacts for logic-level applications, give high contact reliability.
  • Prominent external insulating barriers increase insulation resistance and dielectric strength. Epoxy-sealed terminals prevent entry of flux, solvents, and other contaminants.
  • Clinching frame to case well above base and terminals provides 1500V dielectric strength. All models are certified by CSA and recognized by UL.

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SM-Series Ultraminiature Slide Switches
SM-Series Ultra-Miniature Slide Switches
  • Very compact dimensions allow for high-density, side-by-side or end-to-end mounting within tight dimensional applications.
  • Detent mechanism provides positive actuation to indicate circuit status. Spot on top of red actuator and through window provides visible indication of position. Twin sliding contact mechanism with self-cleaning action provides smooth actuation and produces high contact reliability.
  • 100" x .100" (2.54mm x .2.54mm) center-to-center inch terminal spacing allows for standard PC board mounting in side-by-side or end-to-end arrangements.
  • Insert-molded terminals lock out flux, solvents, and other contaminants.

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SS-Series Ultraminiature Slide Switches
SS-Series Ultra-Miniature Slide Switches
  • Top or side actuation permits flexible board design. Bright and uniform illumination in models with LED in actuator. Compact dimensions and low profile allow for high-density mounting and close PC board stacking.
  • Crisp actuation positively indicates circuit status. Heat-resistant resin used for surface mount models allows vapor-phase and infrared reflow soldering.
  • Double-molded thermoset base and thermoplastic housing for through-hole models prevent loosening of terminals caused by high soldering temperatures.
  • Sliding twin-contact mechanism with self-cleaning action provides smooth actuation and produces high contact reliability.
  • Insert-molded terminals lock out flux, solvents, and other contaminants. Inch or metric terminal spacing for standard PC board grid (.100" x .100" or 2.0mm x 2.0mm).

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