CUSTOM PRINTING  Laser Etching, Film Insert, Screen Printing, and Pad Printing are four diverse solutions offered by NKK to solve your unique printing needs. Our production versatility enables us to present options that result in the best solutions for your particular application.

CUSTOM ASSEMBLY  From prototype to final assembly, our team has the experience and commitment to find the right solution for your particular needs. We focus on attaching wire harnesses and connectors to the back of switches. Combined with a custom legend, this easy-installation solution brings out the best of your application.


Laser Etching is an economical method for adding a durable legend to switch caps. It can be applied inside the cap lens for a smooth cap feel or it can be applied on the outside for a slight tactile feel. The laser etched legend can be used on both illuminated and non-illuminated switches.


Screen Printing is the best option for printing a colored legend on illuminated switches, or on applications where thick paint is required for a stronger tactile feel.


Pad Printing is the best option for printing a legend on an irregular surface, such as rocker switches, with minimal or no distortion. It has a minimum tactile feel.  A variety of colors can be used. Best on non-illuminated switches.


vastekNeed to add some KP Switches to your assemble but don’t have the ability to populate the PCB’s? Vastek can offer PCB solutions for your switch needs with our in-house expertise. RoHS compliant, Vastek can solder the switches and the components to your boards.


NKK specializes in adding custom wire harnesses to the back of switches. We can add a connector of your choice and offer a variety of connectors by Molex® and J.S.T. Mfg. Co., Ltd.