NKK Toggle Switches

NKK toggle switches are designed to perform and withstand tough environments. Our full line of toggles features both PC board and panel mounting options with a full array of actuators and termination styles to meet any application.

Illuminated Products

NKK has been designing and manufacturing switches for over 65 years, and one of the most prominent categories is illuminated switches. No wonder, as illuminated switches are a focus in applications for all types of industries. Designers and engineers have come to expect a standard of impeccable quality and endurance in illuminated products, and NKK has a record of delivering.

IP Rated Switches

Coarse environments and their elements can present a challenge to electromechanical switches, and NKK's switches are the best defense. Designed specifically for the hazards of heat, cold, humidity and exposure to elements, NKK has an extensive selection of environmentally sealed switches. When applications demand fierce quality and reliability, look to NKK as the dependable source.

IP Ratings
IP50Dust protected but not against water
IP60Dust tight but not protected against water
IP64Dust tight and protected against splashing water from any direction
IP65Dust tight and protected against water jets from any direction
IP67Dust tight and protected against effects of temporary immersion
IP68Dust tight and protected against effects of immersion in water under pressure for long periods

Illuminated Toggle Switches

Illuminated toggle switches are specially sealed to permit automated wave soldering and washing. Both PC board and panel mounting types are available with actuators and terminations to meet virtually any application.

NKK Rocker Switches

NKK offers a complete portfolio of rocker switches in various sizes, ratings and terminations to fit virtually any design. Our line of ultra-subminiature to standard size rocker switches are available in low to high capacity, with process sealed options.

Illuminated Rocker Switches

Illuminated rocker switches with various sizes, ratings and terminations allow virtually unlimited configurations. Ultra-subminiature to standard and high capacity, washable, various termination types and several colors are available.

NKK Pushbutton Switches

NKK's portfolio of high quality pushbutton switches includes ultra-miniature, subminiature, standard, and high capacity. Various mounting and termination styles are available to accommodate a wide range of application requirements.

Illuminated Pushbuttons

NKK offers the industry's most extensive selection of illuminated pushbutton products including ultra-miniature, subminiature, high capacity, and programmable. A complete array of vibrant colors are available including LED, vibrant neon, incandescent, and bi-color options making NKK the industry best in color matching technology.

Programmable Switches

NKK offers the most innovative products in OLED & LCD programmable switches. NKK's SmartDisplay®  products combine a pushbutton or rocker switch with a programmable OLED or LCD display for a space-saving, simplified, completely customizable multi-function device.

Emergency Stop Switches

NKK now offers a series of emergency stop (E-Stop) switches for applications requiring a dependable, failsafe control response. The FF01 Series E-Stop Switches with Ø 16mm bodies feature a short behind-panel depth of 13.6mm.

NKK Slide Switches

NKK's line of slide switches includes various logic and power levels to accommodate a multitude of applications. Both top and side slide-actuated switches are available in ultra-subminiature and miniature models with logic level to power ratings.

NKK Illuminated Slide Switches

Illuminated slide-actuated switches include devices designed to provide maximum flexibility. Choose ultra-subminiature and miniature models with logic level to power ratings. Numerous termination types are also offered.

Tactile Switches

NKK offers a wide variety of tactile switches including 6mm process sealed, ultra-thin, and low profile options. NKK tactile switches are specially sealed to permit automated wave soldering and washing. Logic-level surface-mount and PC board mounting options.

Illuminated Tactile Switches

Illuminated tactile switches are specially sealed to permit automated wave soldering and washing. Logic-level surface-mount and PC board mounting with actuators. Lighted and non-lighted models and various heights and operating force.

Rotary Switches

NKK manufactures one of the industry's most extensive rotary switch offerings. Available from logic-level, ultra-subminiature to 30 amp power rotaries. Process sealed options are also available.

Keylock Switches

NKK's high quality keylocks set the industry standard. Offered in ranges from high to low security. Anti-static, process sealed options available specially designed to permit automated wave soldering and washing. Choose from PC board and panel mount styles.

Surface Mount Switches

NKK surface mount switches are among the industry's smallest. Featuring award-winning STC logic-level rated contact mechanisms. Available in tape/reel or stick tube packaging.

Resistive Touch Screens

NKK offers digital and analog resistive touch screens. Find the touch screen model for your design and request a sample online to ensure application compatibility.

Membrane Keypads

Membrane keypads are available in both illuminated and non-illuminated configurations. Both models include adhesive backing for easy mounting and actuating domes which offer crisp, tactile feedback to positively indicate circuit transfer.

DIP Switches

DIP switch offering include subminiature through-hole and surface mount. All DIP switches are lead-free, RoHS compliant, and automated solder process compatible. Wide array of actuator types include rotary, slide and piano DIP switches. Multiple positions available.

Tilt Switches

NKK tilt switches are environmentally friendly and contain no mercury. Totally sealed switch body allows for process compatibility for automatic soldering and cleaning. Offered in space-saving compact dimensions for high density mounting.

Sample Kits

NKK offers a variety of kits for sampling our products. The sample kits each contain an assortment of NKK parts by product type, category or market and provide an overview of products that typically go into applications within that specific market. The kits also contain a directory that will aid in identifying each device.

Accessories and Hardware

Accessories and Hardware for NKK product lines. Many hardware pieces are available in both metric and inch threading, and in such cases M (metric) and H (inch) are noted in the descriptions.

LED Indicators

NKK Indicators feature LED illumination and are a complement to each Series switch. A wide array of colors and mounting options are available.