New NKK SmartDisplay™ Single Switch HMI Solution and Demonstration Kit

New NKK SmartDisplay™ Single Switch HMI Solution and Demonstration Kit

March 26, 2021 – NKK Switches is pleased to present a new offering from the programmable SmartDisplay IS Series. The S0109 is a single switch, human machine interface (HMI) solution packaged in a small panel mount, pushbutton-sized display that allows for monitor and control of applications. Offered in a uniquely small footprint, the S0109 is an easy way to add an HMI interface offering multifunction capabilities, many display options, and ease of use. With many analog and digital inputs/outputs, and several communication options, the S0109 is a perfect way to show system status and add control functionality in tight space requirements. This newest SmartDisplay offering is now available in a demonstration kit, the IS-S0109DEM, for evaluation of the S0109 into different applications.

The IS-S0109DEM demonstration kit is a plug and play controller/indicator device made available to highlight the functionality and features of the powerful S0109 Single Switch Solution and requires little to no technical or engineering skills to install and operate. The kit consists of four potentiometers, four toggle switches, and four LEDs that simulate various inputs and outputs. The kit’s demonstration firmware illustrates the simplicity of using the S0109 and provides examples of potential application integration.

NKK customizes the S0109 device, per user requirements, with its in-house engineering design services. This allows the device to be programed with each customer’s unique images, specified actions and responses. The device can then be installed into the application as a complete subassembly.

For more product details, please refer to the Single Switch Solution Datasheet and Single Switch Solutions (S0109) User Manual.

NKK’s engineering team is available to assist from design to integration to ongoing application support, go to or call 877-228-9655.

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