New NR01 Rotary Switch Features Unique Sliding Dual-Contact Mechanism for Improved Reliability

New NR01 Rotary Switch Features Unique Sliding Dual-Contact Mechanism for Improved Reliability

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – July 20, 2017 – NKK Switches, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of electromechanical switches announces an addition to its world-class line of rotary switches, the new NR01 Series Subminiature Process Sealed Rotary. The new Series features a sliding dual-contact mechanism for improved contact reliability and a light, crisp operating feel. Crimped bracket feet, gold plated contacts, and an anti-lifting design provide secure, reliable PC mounting. Totally sealed construction with up to 5 positions. Available in black, red, gray or without a knob.


  • Light Operating Feel
  • Sliding Dual-Contact Mechanism for Improved Contact Reliability
  • Anti-lifting Design with Crimped Bracket Feet for Secure PC Mounting
  • Totally Sealed Construction

The unique sliding dual-contact rotary mechanism ensures a stable, reliable actuation to prevent malfunction and ensures quality performance. Anti-lifting design features crimped bracket feet to provide secure PC mounting and prevent dislodging during soldering. The switch contacts are sealed to enable automated soldering and cleaning, and prevent contamination from environmental elements. The new NR01 Series has an operating temperature of -25°C ~ +70°C with a minimum electrical life of 10,000 cycles. Suitable for power control equipment, measuring equipment, medical devices and telecommunication equipment.

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