New Protective Polyurethane Splash Proof Overlay From NKK Designed to Provide Increased Protection

New Protective Polyurethane Splash Proof Overlay From NKK Designed to Provide Increased Protection

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – May 30, 2018 – NKK announces an addition to its extensive line of SmartDisplay accessories, the new Protective Polyurethane Splash Proof Overlay for SmartDisplay. The overlay is a 0.3 mm thick sheet of non-yellowing, 90% transmissive polyurethane with a water resistant, 10mm wide perimeter of adhesive. Designed to provide increased protection to SmartDisplay or any products requiring additional protection. IP65 rating can be achieved with supporting bezel.


  •   Overlays Available in Four Standard Sizes Listed Below
  •   Product Comes in a Package of Two Individual Overlays
  •   Custom Sizes Available, w/ or w/out Adhesive

Installation is quick and easy and begins by placing the overlay over the switches’ cutout opening to sufficiently make the cutout splash proof. The adhesive does not leave a residue when the overlay is removed or replaced. The overlay is ideal for use in a splash prone environment. The SmartDisplay Overlay should be first tested in the environment in which it is to be used. Standard size overlays are available to cover typical size configurations of SmartDisplay: 4×4 (125mm x 115mm), 1×2 (80mm x 53mm) 2×2 (80mm x 74mm), and 1×1 (55mm x 53mm). Suitable for use with SmartDisplay products and available for use across all markets and applications.

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