NEW! TP02 Series 4-Wire Analog Touch Screens

NEW! TP02 Series 4-Wire Analog Touch Screens

September 2, 2020 – NKK is pleased to announce a new series of products: the TP02 Series Touch Screens with improved operational life. The 4-wire analog touch screens have an expected minimum of 10 million operations, assuring dependable response to the slightest input pressure, whether by finger, gloved hand or stylus. The models come in a variety of sizes, each with a glare resistant surface and a hard resin coating on the film that safeguards against scratches or damage. FPC metal tails ensure reliability of the contact to the connector.

      • Durability and endurance make for the perfect partner for repetitive use devices
      • Reliable response to slightest input pressure, even when input with rapid succession
      • Glare resistant surface reduces reflection from fluorescent lighting, sunlight

TP02 Series Touch Screens Datasheet

The new TP02 Series Touch Screens are available for purchase from an NKK Authorized Distributor.

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