Product Focus: Series ZE & FT Resistive Touch Screens

Product Focus: Series ZE & FT Resistive Touch Screens

December 4, 2023 – In the ever-evolving world of interactive technology, staying ahead means constant innovation and improvement. At NKK Switches, we’ve been busy pushing the boundaries of what touch screens can do. For NKK’s latest product focus, we are shining the spotlight on the remarkable new Series ZE alongside the established Series FT.

The newly launched Series ZE is a leap forward, specializing in light-touch operation and multi-touch resistive technology that bridges the gap between the tactile responsiveness you expect and the multi-faceted functionality you need. Each screen is crafted to deliver not only in quality and durability but also in the steadfast reliability of our solid solutions and support systems.

Embrace the touch screen revolution with NKK’s Series ZE and FT — where innovation is at the touch of a fingertip.

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Series ZE Multi-Touch Resistive Touch Screens: 

  • Light touch operation similar to a smartphone
  • Highly resistant to noise; exceptional durability; 10,000,000 operations minimum
  • Dual touch controller boards available, specifically designed for ZE Series
  • Popular sizes in line with trending wide screens

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Series FT Resistive Touch Screens: 

Benefits of 4-wire touch screens include:

  • Quicker response time
  • Options in multiple sizes; choices of input by finger, gloved finger or stylus
  • Anti-Newton Ring (ANR) film minimizes visual artifacts. Film surface is non-glare and resin coated for ease of use and integrity of surface
  • Wide range of size options. Controller boards, drivers, connectors and accessories available

Benefits of multi-touch touch screens include:

  • Screens highly resistant to static electricity and noise pollution
  • Drift-free operation despite any temperature fluctuation
  • Greater touch point density translating to more precision and reduction of false actuations
  • Superior durability and flexibility
  • Controller boards and accessories available

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