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Fan/Light Control Solution

The Fan & Light Control Solution was specifically developed as a compact circuit HMI to activate simple operations such as turning a light or fan on or off. SmartDisplay was used in this form to make clear the switch function as well as its current state. This function is completely programmable, allowing for a wide breadth of applications.

What is SmartDisplay?

The SmartDisplay combines a graphic programmable display with an electromechanical switch, granting a space-saving, dynamic, and multi-function device to NKK’s solution-seekers. Their tactile feel integrates well into any system looking for an innovative and user-friendly switch.

Some SmartDisplay Models are capable of full motion video display, though various other resolution options are available. The Fan & Light Control Solution utilizes 4 SmartDisplay LCD 64×32 Pushbuttons (IS-S04G1LC-S).

To learn more about other SmartDisplay switches we have available, click here.

Features and Benefits

The Fan & Light Control Solution is designed, as the name suggests, to control fans and lights. It features 4 compact LCD SmartDisplay Pushbuttons which can be entirely pre-programmed or customized with different images and backlights for ON/OFF. Each SmartDisplay controls one 12V fan or light with eight levels of speed/brightness.

The board is designed to monitor temperature with an onboard sensor, in either °C or °F. It is designed for standalone operation, making it easy to install, as a subsystem where any number and configuration of switches is feasible. Subsystems can sense and/or control various status, gauges, and devices. Communication for the subsystem can be USB, Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485, etc.

General Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 7V to 12V
    • Up to 30V is possible by adding a heatsink to the voltage regulator
  • Device Current: 100mA to 250mA 
    • This depends on backlight brightness and colors
    • This does NOT include light/fan current consumption
  • Fan/Light Current: 2A Maximum
  • Operating Temperature: -15°C ~ +50°C (+5°F ~ +122°F)



The Fan/Light Control Solution is ideal for, but not limited to, the following applications:

  • RVs
  • Home
  • Business
  • Industrial


All documentation to get started is on NKK’s SmartDisplay Resources webpage. To help simplify development, NKK offers Engineering Kits with schematic and source code for all SmartDisplays. Engineering Kit Communicator, a free Windows-based software, is available to test and download images for communication to various controllers. NKK Switches also provides a full suite of design solutions for upgrading and enhancing user interface. 

Facilitating a subsystem to plug into an existing system for a seamless startup, a team of experts can provide system design, ongoing application support, value-added services, and product assembly. Please contact with any questions!