Product Training M2100

M2100 LED Circuits Notes

The M2100 Series is unique because it has both isolated and synchronous LED control operations which grants maximum flexibility for design. This switch comes in both toggle and rocker variants. Switch state is communicated to the user in real time due to the illumination, helping to energize any design.

Single Color Circuit

The isolated LED is independent both mechanically and electrically of the switch circuit. Move the toggle/rocker and the LED does not change.

The synchronous LED is electrically isolated to the switch but is mechanically dependent on the position of the toggle/rocker. This is represented by the dotted horizontal line in the schematic.


Bicolor Circuit

Please note: The wires in blue are external to the switch and must be supplied by the customer. 

For the isolated bicolor LED, the externally supplied current must be reversed. There are many circuits that can do this; for instance, a microprocessor can do this with two general purpose input/output pins (GPIO). 

For the synchronous circuit, the current is automatically reversed as the switch moves the contacts between the red circuit and the green circuit.

Common Wiring Arrangements

The double pole versions of the M2100 are the same except for the additional switching pole. Below are three common wiring arrangements for the M2100 circuits.