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3D CAD Models: Influencing Today’s Design Cycle

Throughout this module, we will be explaining how a Design Engineer can best use the 3D CAD technology available on our website. Feel free to browse our 3D CAD Library and discover the switch technology that will revolutionize your design process.

Influencing Today’s Design Cycle

Engineers from over 500 companies told CADENAS PARTsolutions what factors impact their decision to select, specify, and purchase electronic parts for today’s most innovative design applications. This module will help to discover why engineers choose the parts they buy, pain points many engineers encounter, and how manufacturers like NKK are fostering growth with great customer experience.
Source: CADENAS PARTsolutions 2017 Industrial Sales and Marketing Report.

The Correlation Between Downloads and Design Wins

81% of respondents claim that if a CAD file is downloaded for a particular part, they are likely to purchase it.

Engineers Prefer Suppliers Who Offer 3D CAD Models

If a supplier provides native CAD files, as NKK does, 71% of customers are more likely to choose them over a competitor.

Improving the User Experience

According to the results of the survey, the most important factor in choosing a supplier is a simple and easy-to-use website, closely followed by native CAD models and downloadable pdf datasheets. The availability to purchase from the website itself is not a major factor in the purchasing decision, which makes sense due to the abundance of distributors used in the electronic components industry.

Multiple CAD System Options

Companies by and large work with multiple CAD systems, making it important to offer multiple file download options.

3D CAD Models Speed Up the Design Cycle

If no native CAD files are available, customers look for the next-best option or are forced to draw up the model themselves. They are unlikely to contact the supplier directly, and this can lead to missed opportunities.

How to Use the 3D CAD Library

NKK has thousands of 3D CAD models available for quick, easy downloads. Engineers can start with a part number, or configure it on their own from a series. Kick-start your design by following the directions below!

To access the 3D CAD Library, click 3D CAD Model under the support menu.

Then, click through the menu to find the product and series you would like to download.

You can customize the part in the menu, and then click the center button to select the file type you would like to download.

If you already have a part in mind, you can go directly to the download page to choose the file format.

Just click Generate CAD, Start Generation, and you’re all set to download!