Switch Learning SmartDisplay

Ten SmartDisplay Questions

Bring your answers to these questions to NKK’s engineering team and they will help you with the design of your custom solution, or answer any questions you may have. They can be reached at engineering@nkkswitches.com.

Ten Questions

  1. Are there numerous switches required for the application?
  2. Do multiple functions need to be quickly and easily accessed?
  3. Is it important to reduce panel size while increasing functionality?
  4. Would it be beneficial to simplify the operation while simultaneously reducing operator error?
  5. Does the equipment need to be set up for different languages?
  6. Will the system require more or less functionality in the future and need to be easily changed with minimal effort?
  7. Would displaying images, text and animation (LCD), and/or video (OLED) enhance usability?
  8. Would rapidly prototyping a user interface aid in expediting the design process?
  9. Would multiple LCD and backlight color options complement the design?
  10. Is design or programming assistance a consideration to achieve the maximum solution for the equipment?