High Capacity Rocker Solution Case Study


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  • Rescues - Fully Deployed in Street
System design by Rescue42
Switches by nkk-logo


Industrial Controls


A wireless emergency communication system.


The Compact Rapid Deployable for Internet & Cellular Connectivity (CRD ™) is a wireless communication system that can be used virtually anywhere — both indoors and outdoors to create an area of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage where it would not normally be available. It can be used on land, in the air, and even while at sea. Because it is used in the most remote and wildest of locations including emergency field hospitals, fire departments, and for remote research the CRD™ had to be engineered to the highest safety standards for reliability, resiliency, and longevity.

Rescue 42’s CRD™ required a rocker switch that could withstand the break between AC and DC inlet sources, along with a solid tactile feel. NKK Switches’ provided multiple rocker switch sample solutions, and the SW Series High Capacity Rocker (SW3832) was the prefect technical fit for their project. The SW3832 met all logic requirements the Rescue 42 required for their build.


SW Series High Capacity Rockers

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