LP01 Illuminated Pushbutton Case Study


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Forklift backup handle designed to increase workplace safety.


At Liftow Limited they are constantly and proactively finding solutions to situations that could quickly become dangerous. Frequently forklift operators find themselves having to go in reverse. Often, the driver will have to place their hands on the overhead guard for balance when they are carrying heavy loads. This common situation has caused many operators to strain their back. In the event of use of the horn they are unable to see where they are going, or they are forced to take their hands off the wheel. Operators also commonly find themselves with body parts outside of the moving forklift, which is extremely dangerous during operation.

To solve these issues, the engineering team at NKK and Liftlow Limited worked together to create the ERGO Back Up Handle. This handle features the LP01 pushbutton, with a concave cap especially designed to fit a fingertip. In addition, NKK’s Vastek department was able to offer them a customized solution to meet their needs – an extended length wire harness that spanned 7 feet. The new Ergo Back-Up handle improves workplace efficiency and safety. It’s also easy to install!


LP01 Series Short Body Pushbutton Switches

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