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System design by Eclipse Group logo
Subsystem design by nkk-logo


Industrial Controls


Control system for remotely operated vehicle.


The previous control system for the ROV utilized standard pushbuttons spread across multiple control panels. To increase value and efficiency, Eclipse Group, Inc. choose NKK’s SmartDisplay™ to provide a unique solution that could operate the multiple functions of the application in one location while providing ease-of-use for operators.

Configurations of the 4×4 and the 2×8 OLED SmartDisplay were combined to create an armchair mounted control system which manages input from the operator at the surface and then converts it into actions subsea. This unique SmartDisplay solution controls the different functions of the ROV, from operating the propulsion system to controlling the lights and video cameras. NKK provided the design and programming of the OLED SmartDisplay subsystem, as well as a timely production turn-around.


4×4 and 2×8 OLED Smart Display

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