Miniature Rocker Switch Solution Case Study


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An orthopedic surgical power driver.


The Power T Handle is an award-winning, single-use, battery-powered surgical power driver that allows for low speed, high torque power capabilities that are necessary for orthopedic surgical procedures. It is the only power solution available on the market that combines the tactile feel and manual capabilities with the traditional “T” handles for surgical procedures.

NKK Engineering Solutions team worked closely with Power T Handle, LLC to design and engineer the NKK miniature rocker into the Power T Handle housing. Size and space constraints presented a challenge that were overcome through a collaborative effort between inventor and solution provider. They worked together to create a special solution that included a custom cut wire harness and pad printed legend on the switch. Kevin Cahill, the President and Co-Founder of Power T Handle, LLC, said: “The NKK switch allowed us to quickly add forward/reverse capabilities with an off the shelf switch. It was easily added to our device without changing the existing shape or design of the device.”


M Series Snap-in Mount Miniature Rocker Switch

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