Miniature Toggles in Portable Sound Equipment Case Study


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Portable and durable switcher board for field broadcasts.


Professional Sound Corporation (PSC) designs and manufactures highly portable, rugged audio equipment for the television and motion picture industries. From audio mixers to distribution amplifiers, PSC’s products are specially designed for use when in the field. The equipment must not only be compact for easy transportation, but also highly functional and capable of withstanding even the harshest environmental conditions.

NKK Switches’ high quality, reliable miniature toggle switches are perfect for PCS’s rigorous demands. Three primary NKK features included: an excellent mechanical design, a very good seal, and ingenious self-cleaning contacts. NKK’s customer service team has maintained its high-quality standards and as of today, NKK’s miniature toggle switches, the B Series and G Series, can be found on nearly all of PSC’s audio mixers, distribution amplifiers, press boxes and power supplies – all of which are designed for field use.


B-Series Process Sealed Subminiture Antistatic Toggle Switches

G-Series Process Sealed Ultra-Miniature Toggle Switches

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