SmartDisplay™ IS-C3201 and IS-C32G1 Intelligent Controllers Released as New Products

SmartDisplay™ IS-C3201 and IS-C32G1 Intelligent Controllers Released as New Products

November 29th, 2021 — NKK is pleased to announce a new offering from the outstanding IS Series. The IS-C3201 and IS-C32G1 are Intelligent Controllers that utilize SmartDisplay LCD 36 x 24 or SmartDisplay LCD 64 x 32 switches with a standard logic board. The Intelligent Controller can be used wherever a human machine interface is advantageous, and the focus is to provide user flexibility and control over the application. Standard logic boards are available, or NKK’s team of engineers can design a custom system to align with the user’s specific requirements.



• Control up to 32 SmartDisplay LCD 36 x 24 switches or 32 SmartDisplay 64×32 switches, 2 banks of 16

• Flexible design for specific applications as determined by user

• Memory capacity for 16,000 images, backlights, attributes

• Eight LED settings for brightness

• Communication compatibility with USB, RS232 or RS422

• Switch activity report from controller to host


IS-C3201 and IS-C32G1

This Intelligent Controller was designed with the user experience at the forefront in any application integration. Simplicity, efficiency and flexibility will be the rewards of utilizing this dynamic cornerstone. NKK has all of the other necessary elements to complete the user’s system, including standard logic boards and programmable Smart-Display switches, or customized logic boards if needed. The controller has a user’s manual, data sheets and accessibility to NKK’s engineering experts for support to assist with any aspect of the project.

A few of the applications that benefit from the Intelligent Controller include test and measurement equipment, commercial building access control, industrial application monitoring and control, factory automation control, broadcasting, computer keypad, simulation and robotics.

IS-C3201 Datasheet

IS-C32G1 Datasheet

IS-C3201 User Manual

IS-C32G1 User Manual