LB-Series Standard Pushbutton Switches

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LB-Series Standard Pushbutton Switches
LB-Series Standard Pushbutton Switches
  • Carefully designed light diffusion and filtering system produce bright, full-surface illumination with front panel relamping.
  • Spot illumination available in single and bicolor LEDs. Choice of super bright LEDs in white, green, and blue, in addition to standard or bright red, amber, and green LEDs. Non-illuminated models available.
  • Stainless-steel clips provide secure mounting with a wide range of panel thicknesses. Latch-down feature gives indication of circuit status. Audible and tactile feedback with smooth and responsive operation.
  • Snap-action contact mechanism gives long electrical life and sensitivity of actuation.
  • Combination solder lug and .110" quick connect terminals are epoxy-sealed to prevent entry of flux, dust, and other contaminants. Panel-sealed model meets IP65 of IEC 529 specifications (similar to NEMA 4 & 13). Compact switch design minimizes behind-panel depth.

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