MB2400-Series Miniature Pushbutton Switches

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MB2400-Series Miniature Pushbutton Switches
MB2400-Series Miniature Pushbutton Switches
  • Short stroke and light touch. Internal o-ring protects against contamination. High-torque bushing construction prevents rotation or separation from frame during installation.
  • Anti-jamming design protects contacts from damage caused by excessive downward force on the actuator. Stainless-steel frame resists corrosion. Longer center solder lug terminal simplifies wiring and soldering.
  • Patented silver contacts of specially composed alloy for hardness. Epoxy-sealed terminals prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants. Snap-acting mechanism gives smooth actuation and audible feedback.
  • Prominent external insulating barriers increase insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

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