Illuminated Switch Sample Kit (KIT03-ILLUMINATED)

Illuminated Switch Sample Kit (KIT03-ILLUMINATED)
A diverse sampling of illuminated switches is highlighted in this kit. Types represented include pushbuttons, rockers, toggles, slides and tactiles. Data sheets are included that present each of the switch’s characteristics and specifications. Approximate Outer Dimensions: L 10-7/8” x W 6-3/4” x H 1-3/4” Contents: 28 Switches Includes samples of NKK's illuminated products from the following series:
  • YB Series
  • HB2 Series
  • CWSB Series
  • TL Series
  • JB Series
  • GB Series
  • YB2 Series
  • LP01 Series
  • M2100 Series
  • KP Series
  • G Series
  • NP01 Series
  • LB Series
  • UB Series
  • MLW Series
  • JF Series
  • SS Series
  • HB Series
  • UB2 Series
  • MS Series
  • B Series
  • GW Series