Switch Assortment Sample Kit (KIT14-SWITCH ASSORTMENT)

Switch Assortment Sample Kit (KIT14-SWITCH ASSORTMENT)
Diverse selection of samples providing an abbreviated overview of several NKK product Series. Products featured are toggles, rockers, pushbuttons, tactiles, tilt switches, rotaries, slides and keylocks. Approximate Outer Dimensions: L 4-3/4” x W 3” x H 1-1/8” Contents: 20 Switches Includes samples of NKK products from the following series:
  • A Series
  • BB Series
  • CB3 Series
  • CW Series
  • DS Series
  • FR01 Series
  • G Series
  • G3B Series
  • GW Series
  • JB Series
  • JF Series
  • M Series
  • M2 Series
  • MS Series
  • ND3 Series
  • SB Series
  • SK Series
  • SS3 Series
  • UB Series