Product Training S

Dual Seal S Toggle Switch

This is the training module aimed towards introducing the NKK Dual Seal Waterproof S Series Toggle. The Features and benefits, as well as the optimal applications, will be presented and a summary of the available part number discussed.

Features And Benefits

This IP-68 rated toggle is a new addition to the S Series that has been salt spray tested per Mil-STD-810G. This rugged, waterproof design features the same sleek, chrome-plated look typical of this low-to-high capacity toggle series. Its totally panel sealed construction, including waterproof rubber outside of the lever and inner O-ring, lends itself well to the toughest environments.



This toggle switch also features a mechanical life of 30,000 or 50,000 operations minimum, depending on the part number and features. The electrical life is 25,000 operations minimum, as standard. The integrated dual seal design means that every actuation throughout this life maintains the same, sure feel with the unobstructed operation.
As with all NKK switches, installation into the panel is simple.

Part Numbers

This extension of the S Series includes the following part numbers, or you can visit the S Series Page to download the data sheet, 3D CAD model, and more!

Application Considerations

The Dual Seal Waterproof S Series Toggle is designed as a panel seal switch, and not to be used under water.

  • Ideal applications include but are not limited to:
  • Construction Machinery
  • Machine Tools and Automation
  • Marine Applications
  • Transportation Equipment

Medical Equipment

When designing into your application, please consider the materials used.

  • Waterproof boot is silicone rubber

While silicone rubbers have excellent heat, cold, and weather resistant properties, it has less durability and oil resistance.

  • O-ring below the panel is nitrile butadiene rubber
  • This material excels in durability and oil and chemical resistance, though its performance is less durable with lower weather and ozone resistance characteristics