Product Training KP

KP Series Overview

The KP Series is the stand-out illuminated pushbutton for broadcast applications. This module will detail 3 of the major benefits of this series, and prove the KP an excellent option for your design plans.


The KP Series features a uniquely designed actuation guide that administers positive indication of circuit transfer with smooth and silent operation. Because it was designed for the broadcast industry, there is a choice of smooth, silent operation or a crisp, tactile feel.

Either flat, sculptured, or home key caps are available in 3 different sizes for design flexibility.


These pushbutton switches are designed for frequently used equipment, featuring outstanding durability. With 5,000,000 operations minimum, the KP has a long, reliable life. In part, this is due to a gold-plated twin contact mechanism that provides dependability and stable contact over an extended period of time.



The RGB LED allows limitless colors to be created, and this illumination can be viewed at any angle. Many colors can be displayed using one switch, enabling the management of several switch functions to be handled with one switch, integrating efficiency and economy.

Because switch color can be programmed and reprogrammed at any time, this helps with inventory management. Any switch can be used for any color, making inventory easier, more convenient, and space-conserving.