Product Training NP01

NR01 Series Rotary

This is the introduction to NKK’s new NR01 Series Subminiature Process Sealed Rotary Switch. The following module will discuss the features and benefits of these switches as well as the options available for your application. The NR01 is ideal for applications that require small sizes with precision and reliability.

Features and Benefits

The NR01 Series features a compact solution with crisp feedback using a sliding, dual-contact mechanism.  This also helps with a light operating feel and improved contact reliability. The NR01’s anti-lifting design and crimped bracket feet ensure secure, strong PC mounting.

To completely seal this switch from flux, solvent, and other contaminants, terminals are insert molded and the contacts enable automated soldering and cleaning– making it not only process sealed but also fully washable. This also guarantees contact reliability and consistent quality for the life of the switch.

Available features on the NR01 Series also include a knob with or without flange (or no knob at all) in black, red, or gray. These switches have gold-plated contacts and are capable of 3, 4, or 5 positions.

The following solutions are achieved by using the NR01 above any other rotary switch:

General Specifications

  • Mechanical Life: 30,000 cycles minimum
  • Electrical Life: 10,000 cycles minimum
  • Indexing: 45° for 3-, 4-, and 5-position
  • Logic Level: 0.4VA maximum @ 28V AC/DC maximum
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C (-13°F ~ +158°F)
  • Vibration: 10 ~ 55Hz
  • Shock: 50G (490 m/s/s) acceleration

Part Numbers

The NR01 Series includes the following part numbers, or you can visit the NR01 Series Page to download the data sheet, 3D CAD model, and more!


The NR01 is designed for use in:

  • Communication Systems
  • Factory Automation
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Handheld Automation Devices