WB Series Environmentally Sealed Pushbutton Switches

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WB Series Environmentally Sealed Pushbutton Switches
WB-Series Environmentally Sealed Pushbutton Switches
  • Available in 10A toggles, 6A pushbuttons and in 15A rockers. Anti-jamming design on toggle switches protects contacts from damage due to excessive downward force on the actuator.
  • Sealed construction conforms to IP67 of IEC529 Standards and allows use in outdoor or harsh applications. Single-unit construction of the bushing and top of the housing gives added protection from environmental elements.
  • Specially designed switching mechanism for breaking light welds qualifies these switches to IEC 61058 (UL 61058-1). Sealed actuator area and epoxy-sealed base prevent entry of contaminants.
  • Minimal contact bounce is achieved with specially designed interlocked switching mechanism. Outer housing of heat-resistant resin meets UL 94V-0 flammability standard and provides high arc and tracking resistance.

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