GP01-Series Ultra-Miniature Right Angle SMT Pushbuttons
GP01 Series Ultra-Miniature Pushbutton
  • NKK introduces a new series, the GP01 Ultra-Miniature Right Angle Pushbuttons.
  • The new Series was designed to respond to a wide variety of customer needs featuring a reduced circuit board mounting area which allows for high density mounting and by integrating the cap within the body of the switch, the reflow can be realized while switch is installed helping to cut down on timing and resources.
  • Made from heatproof resin and highly resistant to harsh conditions, the GP01 is greaseless, allowing it to withstand a variety of harsh conditions including temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C.

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M-Series Dual Seal Waterproof Toggles
Dual Seal Waterproof Toggles
  • When the application requires a highly reliable, double layer, waterproof toggle switch with an IP-rating, engineers now have a new option to choose from with the unveiling of the Dual Seal Waterproof M Series toggle switch.
  • The new Dual Seal M toggle switch is the first complete all-in-one waterproof and dustproof toggle from NKK that no longer requires a separate waterproof boot.
  • Coming in both single pole and double pole configurations, the Dual Seal M toggle switch is suitable for construction machinery, marine applications, transportation equipment, food service and medical applications.

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FT-Series Four-Wire Analog Resistive Touch Screens
Four-Wire Analog Resistive Touch Screens
  • NKK enhances the FT Series Analog Resistive 4-Wire Touch Screen product line adding six new sizes including wider, larger, and slightly modified dimensions to accommodate a narrower frame of LCD.
  • NKK manufactures all touch screen products within its own fully integrated factories, providing high quality product with the flexibility to accommodate small lot and custom project requirements.
  • Newly added sizes include: 10.6"(wide), 12.1", 12.1"(wide), 15", 15.6"(wide) and 19".

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