Switch Learning 3D CAD

3D CAD Models: “How To Use” Demo Video

NKK's 3D CAD Library is a useful tool for those looking to design in a switch. This demo will teach you how to navigate the program where hundreds of file formats are available to download for your convenience!

How Illuminated Switches Work

NKK's Illuminated Switches are a vital product for any application. Learn more about how illumination can improve the functionality of your interface and how it works by exploring the links below.

Ten SmartDisplay Questions

Need help deciding which SmartDisplay to use? These ten questions will facilitate the process.

Terms and Acronyms

Important terms and definitions are available here!

3D CAD Models: Influencing Today’s Design Cycle

Click to learn more about how our 3D CAD Library can aid design engineers as you develop or enhance your latest product.

Switch Learning Contacts

Contact Material Choices

Need help deciding on which contact material best suits your application? NKK's engineering department can help-- just read this short paper.