Training SmartDisplay

All About the SmartDisplay

Visit the YouTube link to watch the SmartDisplay (formerly, SmartSwitch) switches in action. Their capabilities, options, and functionality are all demonstrated in this short video.

Fan/Light Control Solution

Utilizing the NKK SmartDisplay programmable LCD switches, the Fan/Light Control Solution is an ideal HMI device for a variety of applications. Learn more about how this solution will elevate the user experience by browsing the page linked below.

Product Training FT

FT Series Touchscreen Overview

NKK offers both resistive and capacitive touch screens in the FT Series. Download this module to learn the difference and how it can be best used in your application.

GP01 Series Pushbutton

If right-angle mounting is crucial to your application, the GP01 series could be for you. This module offers features and benefits, as well as NKK's recommended applications.

KP Series Overview

One of NKK's most popular series, the KP Illuminated Pushbutton, has unique design specifications that enable flexibility. Learn about the features that grant this customizability by either downloading the module, or browsing the page linked below.

M2100 LED Circuits Notes

To learn more about the M2100 Series LED Circuits and how to wire these unique switches, visit the link below.

NR01 Series Rotary

The NR01 Series Subminiature Process Sealed Rotary is uniquely designed for space-conscious applications. Click to see the options available and specifications for this switch.

Product Training FT2

Touch Screen Application Notes

Below, the Touch Screen Application Notes are available for download. These detail the most important engineering considerations when designing-in NKK's touch screen products including: part numbers, cables, installation instructions, circuitry, and how to use the PDD Console.

Product Training YB2

YB2 Series Overview

This short video illuminates the YB2 Series and its benefits for your application. Its sleekness and customizability lend itself to elevating the design of your application.

Dual Seal S Toggle Switch

The Dual Seal Waterproof S Series Toggle switch is designed especially with tough environments in mind. Its rugged construction is IP-68 rated and the specifics of its potential benefit to your project are further detailed throughout the module.